Monthly Archives: December 2020

Hacker Beach #9: Wherever you go

As our regulars already know, and everyone else has likely guessed at this point, there will not be an official Hacker Beach location this coming January.

After 8 consecutive years of gathering random hackers in amazing, overlooked tropical locations, hell has finally frozen over. We spare you yet another Internet comment on the whys, hows, shouldas, and wouldas. All things considered, there is simply no way to invite people from around the globe to the same location at the same time this coming month.

Some of us are still escaping their colder winters for a bit, and some will also meet each other. However, if you don’t want to stay at home yourself, you will obviously have to plan according to your individual geographic and health situations.

As always, we’re still hanging out in #hackerbeach on Freenode. And people who have physically joined a gathering before also still have access to our invite-only XMPP room, (If you think you should have access to the latter, but don’t, please ask about it on IRC.)

There will also be at least a couple of remote beer conferencing sessions on some video chat tool in January. Stay tuned in the chatrooms for that.

With that, until the next try, we wish you a good winter, good health, good company, and lots of fun and success with your computers and other interests! Let’s hope we can officially go back to traditional hackerbeaching in January 2022.