Kosmos Kredits: Using the Blockchain for Open Source Software and Organizations

January 16, 2016 - 3:30 pm

Some hackerbeachers are working on a new open source project, which might also spawn a company for hosting the software suite commercially in the future. We’re experimenting with blockchain assets for rewarding all contributions, no matter how small or for what, in case money enters the picture. We’re calling them Kosmos Kredits.

In addition to mere rewards, we intend to enable a true and fair meritocracy, where voting power is (at least mostly) based on contributions as well.

In combination with both of these ideas, there are new questions and possibilities when it comes to trading or issuing Kredits. For example, we could do a crowdfunding campaign giving out shares as perks, limited by person. Or we could later even do a full-fledged private IPO based on newly issued non-voting Kredits, keeping voting power in the hands of open-source contributors, while letting anyone invest in the project.

These are just some examples and ideas, and we’re inviting everyone to explore some of those with us, as well as discuss even more use cases and new ideas.