Portsmouth, Dominica

There have been questions about where, exactly, in Dominica we’re calling headquarters this year for Hacker Beach. So I wanted to make sure everyone know that our hub will be in Portsmouth, Dominica, which lies in the north-west of Dominica and is the second largest town (second to the capital Roseau).

In the traditional Hacker Beach style, you’re basically on your own for accommodation, however some of us have booked a place at the Barb Wire Bungalows, and we are told there are several different places in the area to choose from. Dominica is much steeper than the previous two hackerbeaches, so be prepared for some uphill hiking (or you can rent a car for a reasonable price). The Barb Wire Bungalows are technically in Picard, Dominica but it’s only about a 20-25min walk into Portsmouth. Picard is also home to Ross University so there should be plenty of places for accomodation and relaxing with internet.

If you’re coming to Hacker Beach this year and haven’t found a place by the time you are to arrive, let us know on IRC or the mailing list and we can probably find you a place to stay, at least for a few nights until you find something.

See you in January!

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