Don’t forget you probably need a Visa for Vietnam

Right, one thing we forgot to write (sorry, Guido!!) in the earlier practical info summary is that Vietnam requires a Visa-On-Arrival (“VOA”) which, despite its name, you have to request beforehand. There are websites that specialize in this service. Most take about 48 hours to email you your invitation letter, which you then have to print onto a slice of dead trees. You will also need passport photos, and US dollars when you land.

You may want to get some vaccinations and some people take malaria pills, although we suspect the pharmafia plays a role in keeping Phu Quoc on the malaria map of some (not all) health services.

Other than that, if you are reading this, you should totally book a flight now and join us. We are now about 10 people, and many of us will be here for (at least) the whole month of January…

One thought on “Don’t forget you probably need a Visa for Vietnam

  1. Guido

    I requested the visa on last notice (already at the departure airport) through vietnamvisacorp and luckily it took less then 10 minutes for the documents to arrive via email 😉

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