Topic of interest: Indie Mesh

On Friday we had some very interesting conversation, for instance: how quadrocopter drones can clamp a coil around a power cable and charge their batteries mid-flight this way. This sparked a discussion about how you could put mesh wifi repeaters into pairs of shoes for inconspicuous camouflage and install them in random locations. We also talked about how you could power mesh wifi repeaters with solar panels. We could build solar-powered wifi repeaters, and use a quadrocopter to drop them on building roofs or hang them from electricity cables. Another interesting place where we could drop such repeaters would be at sea, at say 100m from the beach. They should then probably point their access point towards the beach at a 2×45 degree angle, and relay to each other to ensure there is a wifi signal all along the beach. One additional directional repeater should be placed near beach restaurants that have uplinks. It would probably not be too hard to build such a device for around 100 USD (depending mainly on solar panel costs), and you could program them to spend the morning charging their batteries, and then switch on every day at noon until their power runs out.