Hacker Beach #5: First Impressions

With most people staying until the end onf the month, there’s still time to book a flight and join us on what locals call “FBI” – Flores Beautiful Island. Here’s what it looks like:

Amazing sunsets

Sun setting over #hackerbeach on Flores

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Hacker Bay

Most of us ended up getting a room at Waecicu Beach Inn, a bit north of Labuan Bajo. It’s located in its own bay, with its own beach and a small island you can swim to. Let us know if you want us to reserve another room! We were able to talk them down on the price a bit, so it’s just under 30 USD/night.


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The Tropical Shire

The peninsula north of Labuan Bajo, which Waecicu is situated on, is absolutely gorgeous. It consists of grass-covered volcanic hills, sprinkled with a few palm trees. As soon as you come out here, the panoramic views in all directions are just stunning, all the way up to the North end of the island (a 2-hour hike).

More posts coming up soon, containing some details about the Internet situation. Also check out hashtag #hackerbeach on the Web, if you’re interested.

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