Let’s meet at SHA2017

Just a quick invitation, while you’re probably waiting for someone to announce location plans for next January: some Hacker Beach regulars will be pitching a tent at the Dutch hacker camp SHA2017 in early August. SHA2017 is this year’s edition of the Dutch counterpart to the German Chaos Communication Camp, traditionally breaking each other’s 4-year pauses into less depressing 2-year waits.

If you’re attending, and you’re interested in tropical hacker gatherings without the “digital nomad” crowd, but with plenty of open-source software hackers and associated lifeforms, we’ll gladly tell you all about the past 5 years and places. And we’ll likely also be researching and discussing next January’s location during the camp.

If you haven’t planned on attending yet, there’s still time! The camp sold out last week, but the organizers added an additional 500 tickets, of which, at the time of writing, ~420 are still available.

As always, the easiest way to get in touch is the #hackerbeach channel on Freenode. You can also subscribe to our blog‘s RSS feed, and follow us on the fediverse, or on Twitter.

See you at the camp!

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